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DE -> Schwedisch-deutsche Jugendbegegnung zum Thema Inklusion Geflüchteter 
EN -> Swedish-German Youth Exchange about Experiences on Refugee Inclusion

Die Integration von Geflüchteten ist derzeit eine der großen gesellschaftlichen Aufgaben – insbesondere seit 2015 als viele Geflüchtete unter anderem in Deutschland und per Fähre auch in unserem Nachbarland Schweden ankamen. Schweden ist darüber hinaus ein populäres Einwanderungsland und hat dementsprechende Erfahrungen bei den Themen Migration und Integration.

Wir wollen Jugendliche aus MV und Schweden, 08.-12.11.2017, in Rostock und Jönköpping, in einem fünf-tägigen Projekt in Austausch treten lassen: Was kann MV von Schweden lernen? Und was kann Schweden von MV lernen? Welche Forderungen ergeben sich daraus?

Teilnehmen können aus MV 16 Jugendliche im Alter von 18 bis 27, die Geflüchtete oder Einheimische sind. Vier Jugendliche vom Filmbüro Wismar werden das Projekt filmisch begleiten.

Zunächst reist die schwedische Gruppe mit der Nachtfähre nach Rostock und dort trifft auf die Teilnehmenden aus MV. Am Tag darauf reist die gesamte Gruppe (40 Personen) per Fähre und Reisebus ins schwedische Jönköping. An beiden Orten gibt es neben der Gruppenarbeit auch Gespräche mit Akteuren aus Flüchtlingsarbeit und Politik.

Die Arbeitssprache ist English. Das Projekt ist Teil der Kampagne Europa der jugend und des Projektes Jugend kommt an.

Weitere Informationen:

The inclusion of refugees is one of the biggest challenges at present - especially since 2015, when a lot of refugees came inter alia to Germany and by ferry to Sweden as well. In addition, our neighbouring country Sweden is also popular as a destination for emigrants since several decades and so there is a lot of experience concerning integration.

That‘s why we organise the youth exchange “Ferry to Humanity”, to find out what Mecklenburg-Vorpommern might learn from Sweden and also the other way round. We want to share our knowledge and experience, talk with politicians and other actors in the field of integration and we want to formulate common claims.

The main topics will be:

  • social, linguistic and professional inclusion
  • general organisation of help and integration
  • acceptance by the host communities
  • the public debate, especially in social media
  • current discussions about asylum law


We will stay overnight in shared rooms but with separation of the sexes. The one night in Rostock we will spend in the “subraum hostel” with 6 to 11 participants in one room. In Jönköping we can stay all three nights in a hotel with 3 beds per room. At the ferry on the way back we will have cabins with windows and with 3 participants per cabin.
Group Composition and Film Project

The Swedish and the German group consist of 16 young people and 3 teamers each. The project will be filmed by a team from the Filmbüro Wismar. Due to that 4 of the 16 young German people will be from the Filmbüro and in addition there will be two teamers from the Filmbüro. So all in all the group will consist of 40 people.

Who organises this youth exchange?

The event is organised by the Regional Youth Council Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Landesjugendring MV) and its Swedish partners Studieförbundet Bilda Sydöst and Integrera Mera. All three partners are committed to solidarity with refugees.

What does it cost?

The fee for the whole project is 30 EUR. It includes accommodation, travelling within the programme and standard catering. The travel costs to and from Rostock must be paid by the participants. If you cannot pay the whole fee, please ask us in advance.

Who can take part?

You can take part if you live in Mecklenburg-
Vorpommern and if you are between 18 and 27 years old. The participants should be refugees and locals interested in the topic that want to contribute to the exchange. The working language will be English.

How can you enrol?

If you want to take part, you have to apply via our online registration form (at this website below) between 18th September and 22nd October. If there should be more enrolments than places, we have to select by the criteria of having a diverse group. So you will get a confirmation after the 22nd October.

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